G20 #PartyPolizei who had sex & urinated in public are ‘only human’ – Berlin police

G20 #PartyPolizei who had sex & urinated in public are ‘only human’ – Berlin police
Berlin's police department has defended the behavior of their party animal officers who were dismissed from working at the upcoming G20 summit, saying they're "only human." Meanwhile, the city's club scene has rewarded the cops for throwing a "great party."

The party included public sex and urination, brawling, and a female officer performing a striptease with her service weapon while clad in a bath robe.

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While the naughty officers – some 200 of them – were apparently having the time of their lives, the city of Hamburg was less impressed. They have stopped all of them from working at the upcoming G20 event in the city, which will take place on July 7-8.

However, Berlin's police department doesn't seem to be very apologetic for the behavior of its officers, instead stating on Facebook that they are "only human."

"Yes, we partied," the Berlin police wrote in their statement, adding that the occasion was thrown to celebrate the birthdays of two officers.

The party animals “drank, danced, pissed and, yes, apparently also bonked, as our press officer put it so well," the police statement said.

It went on to stress that "inside our uniforms are human beings" - young men and women who carry heavy responsibilities when on duty and are usually "very professional."

Although the city of Hamburg clearly doesn't agree, the cops have apparently gained serious street cred on Berlin's nightlife scene.

"Barely 10 days before the meeting of the world's political elites, Berlin's operation team has fulfilled its function as role models and organized a great party – traditionally costumed in uniforms, with music and excessive live performances," Berlin's Club Commission, an association representing the city's clubbing scene, told AFP.

"We're holding a few guest tickets for you in the club of your choice on your return," Club Commission spokesman Lutz Leichsenring said.

The party, which took place at the officers' temporary container accommodation 70 kilometers (43 miles) north of Hamburg, sparked media headlines and the hashtag #partypolizei on Twitter.