Hundreds rally against massive redevelopment project in Moscow (PHOTOS)

Hundreds rally against massive redevelopment project in Moscow (PHOTOS)
A demonstration against a proposed city renovation program to replace old housing in Russia’s capital was held on Saturday. Police said that about 1,000 people participated in the rally sanctioned by local authorities.

The protest, dubbed “For Moscow citizen’s rights,” also targeted a program to demolish old private car garages, as well as infill construction projects. 

“The protest rally, which was previously agreed upon with the authorities, is being held at Suvorovskaya square in Moscow. Some 1,000 people took part in it. Police and National Guard are protecting public safety at the event,” Moscow police press service told TASS.

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Critics of the proposed renovation program believe it serves the interests of the authorities and construction firms, rather than the people.

It is not the first demonstration against the controversial renovation project. Around 8,000 people attended the previous protest on May 14, according to police estimates.

On May 19, Russian legislators considered introducing amendments to the draft bill on renovation, allowing any resident of a building set to be demolished to challenge the decision in court. Citizens would be able to challenge the decision to demolish the building itself, as well as demand greater compensation for their property, according to State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.