Divers, drones & helicopters: Massive FSB drills begin in Crimea (VIDEO)

Divers, drones & helicopters: Massive FSB drills begin in Crimea (VIDEO)
Armored cars, helicopters and machinegun-equipped ground drones are just some of the hardware being used in massive anti-terrorism drills in Crimea launched by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

The drills began on Wednesday, with the first exercise focusing on testing the tactical skills of FSB operatives at sea.

The exercise staged an infiltration of an offshore oil rig by a group of ‘terrorists,’ who took 150 workers hostage.

A team of FSB divers was dispatched to the rig. They covertly approached it and then scaled the structure, which was about as tall as a 20-story building.

At the same time, more operatives came in from the air, brought in by helicopter for a coordinated assault. All the ‘hostages’ were rescued, and the ‘terrorists’ eliminated or arrested.

The second phase of the drills was staged in an abandoned guest house in the town of Evpatoria. A group of fictional terrorists took hostages in the facility and fortified it, preparing to deflect an assault.

The rescue operation began with FSB snipers suppressing the terrorists’ machinegun nests and guard posts, while a number of special Falcatus armored cars brought strike teams to the site. Tracked and wheeled drones supported the assault with machinegun fire.

Another team was dropped off on the roof at the same time, and proceeded to storm the site using climbing equipment.

The exercise also included simulation of first aid and evacuation of a wounded team member.

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“In order to free the hostages, we used a wide range of resources and capabilities. The guest house territory was tightly encircled,” the FSB said in a written statement, according to TASS.

“Armored cars and unmanned vehicles were used in order to hit the insurgents and ensure the safety of the special forces operatives.”

The next exercises will focus on honing FSB operatives’ tactical skills in coastline, forested and mountain areas. Some 2,000 servicemen are expected to take part in the drills, which will conclude on May 29.