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Join the Revolution! #1917LIVE launches interactive website, storms Twitter

With just days until the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, RT is taking #1917LIVE – a unique project covering 1917 in Russia in real time – to a new level, with more tweets and 1917.RT.com, a dedicated website.


Every day since January 1st, dozens of key figures from the year that changed world history forever – from Nicholas II to Vladimir Lenin, as well as ordinary citizens – have been tweeting out their views and descriptions of their activities, as the Russian Empire hurtles towards its demise.

Their tweets, found under the #1917LIVE hashtag or collected at RT’s earlier incarnation, the Russian Telegraph, produce a fascinating picture, where each actor contributes to the upheaval, yet none realizes the momentous impact of their actions.

With food rationing in Petrograd, the Tsar away at the frontlines, and the Duma scheduled to hold its last session for more than 70 years, the breakneck pace of events demands additional coverage.

The project is a digital time machine, telling the story of the Russian Revolution through real-time tweeting from a network of linked accounts, using the best that Twitter technology can offer – dynamics and intense style.

Most of the accounts are already active and you can follow any or all of them here – from Vladimir Lenin to Empress Alexandra, from Army captain Zeitlin to Petrograd student Khlebtsevich.

The project has and continues to gain, huge momentum since it launched, with dozens of tweets from now on to be posted daily. 

Its message is not simply to recount historic events, but to educate the global community on one of the biggest geopolitical dramas of the 20th century.

Even better – you’re free to take an active part in the developing events and make your own opinion heard by interacting with #1917LIVE figures via retweets, messages, polls, Q&As and more.

Finally, you can log on to 1917.RT.com which will be the hub for all the coverage throughout the year, from information cards describing key terms and events in context of the Revolution to quizzes, polls and even a stock of authentic media files. You will be able to watch Tsar Nicholas II abdicate, see Vladimir Lenin return from exile and follow the struggle between the cunning Bolsheviks and the doomed Provisional Government.

RT has created this unique #1917LIVE Universe for you to best experience the events which still affect the lives of many, if not all, Russian people even a hundred years on. Anyone can now take part in history and learn through retweeting, not rewriting it. The project will be running all year, taking you through all of the crucial events of the Russian revolution. And even if you think you know it through and through, hold on for surprises and unexpected twists RT has in store for you.