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Police teargas masked protesters in Paris suburb as anti-cop riots continue (VIDEO)

Police teargas masked protesters in Paris suburb as anti-cop riots continue (VIDEO)
Police deployed tear gas to disperse up to 200 protesters in the Paris metro station of Bobigny, as riots rock the French capital for the second week, following an alleged instance of police brutality towards a black suspect on February 2.

Video from location, captured by RT’s Jonathan Moadab, shows wisps of gas rising above the concrete concourse of the station, located on the northeastern outskirts of the city.

Masked and hooded men are seen lobbing projectiles and kicking at officers clad in riot gear, before running back to a safe distance. In another video, a police cordon forms around a crowd emerging out of the station, with apparent bystanders caught up in the violence.

Live video transmissions from the transport hub show police eventually regaining control, as perpetrators fade back into the crowd. No arrests or injuries have been confirmed as a result of the commotion, though clashes flared up again as the sun set on Thursday night.

Dozens of similar flash protests have occurred across Paris since news spread of the 22-year-old man, known only as Theo, who was hospitalized with anal injuries after being stopped and searched by four policemen two weeks ago.

Theo says that the officers pinned him against a wall and intentionally abused him, while the officers insist that they were simply following established procedures. One officer has been charged with rape, and the other three with assault; all have been suspended from the force.

As news spread on social media, protesters – mostly from ethnic and religious minorities – began to mobilize, with some demonstrations peaceful, and others ending with the torching of cars, and attacks on shop fronts.

Over 200 people have been arrested in the biggest episode of civil unrest since 2005, when another alleged police injustice led to city-wide riots.