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13 Jan, 2017 14:42

‘Are you all Washington lackeys?’ French screen legend Fanny Ardant slams Western media bias

‘Are you all Washington lackeys?’ French screen legend Fanny Ardant slams Western media bias

Famous French actress Fanny Ardant has questioned the Western media’s bias, asking whether they are all “Washington lackeys” as they choose to treat Russia as a scapegoat. The comments were saluted on Twitter, with the French praising Ardant’s frankness.

The movie star was speaking to French show ‘28 minutes’ on the Arte TV network on Wednesday, where she discussed her new film about USSR leader Joseph Stalin.

The conversation touched upon modern-day politics, with questions about Russia in particular. Though Ardant’s film was purely about Stalin and his mistress, the screen behind the journalists depicted only current Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I think that the West likes giving lessons, it is authorized to give ‘good’ or ‘bad’ grades,” Ardant said. “And journalists need to demonize someone. But no one tries to demonize America.”

The media always have “scapegoats,” according to the French actress – and this time they are targeting Russia.

“Are you happy that there is a counter-power to America, or are you lackeys of the United States?” she asked ‘28 minutes’ journalists, apparently in reference to those working in the media.

Ardant’s words were highly praised by people on social media. 

“Bravo to Fanny Ardant who courageously denounced ‘Western lessons’, lackey journalists of America,” one person tweeted. 

Others said that Ardant’s comments will be “a lesson for journalists who brainwash us every morning.”

“Fanny Ardant denounces Russophobia,” wrote another Twitter user, while one added: “May God bless you and your speech.”

“Fanny Ardant says aloud what everyone thinks in a low voice,” one more person wrote.

“Excellent,” “Magnificent,” “Brave” Fanny Ardant, exclaimed people on social media in chorus.

Fanny Ardant is a veteran actress revered all around the world. She has appeared in more than 80 films and has received the coveted César Award for Best Actress.