3 civilians killed, 44 injured in rebel shelling of western Aleppo – RT’s on-the-spot reporter

Rebel shelling targeting several residential neighborhoods in the government-controlled part of Aleppo has left at least 3 civilians dead and 44 injured, RT’s correspondent on the ground says, citing information from two local hospitals.

“I’ve just returned from both of the public hospitals in the government-held part of the city and the figures that we have from those hospitals are that three civilians have been killed so far, the youngest there 13 years old,” RT's Lizzie Phelan said on the phone.

She added that among the injured is a child as young as seven years old. Yet, the number of dead “could well rise” according to the RT correspondent, since many of those wounded have severe injuries. 

Phelan witnessed some of the shelling from the terrorist-occupied territories herself.

“This morning from my window I saw two mortars landing on the government parts of the city,” she said. Meanwhile, the clashes between pro-government forces and the militants are still ongoing, Phelan said.

According to Syrian State run  news agency, militants in East Aleppo have targeted the residential districts of Halab al-Jadeda, al-Hamadniya, al-Iza’a, and al-Neel Street. 

The militants used heavy machine guns while bombarding the government-controlled al-Foua’a area of West Aleppo, SANA added, citing a security source. The neighborhood has been under siege by the terrorists for almost two years now, with repeated shelling leaving numerous civilians dead and injured.

Among those injured in the shelling is a young boy who was hurt in a gas canister missile strike fired at western Aleppo. His name and age hasn’t been revealed, as he was brought to the hospital by a passer-by who noticed him lying in the street, Phelan reported, standing by the boy’s ward.

She said that in the next room there was a five-year-old boy Diya, who suffered severe brain damage as a result of yesterday’s rebel shelling. His condition has stabilized, but is still critical.

Saturday’s shelling comes just a day after multiple rocket attacks on residential neighborhoods in West Aleppo left at least five dead and dozens more injured, including a five year old boy.

On November 21, Syrian government forces and allied militias launched a major offensive to drive rebel militants and terrorists out of East Aleppo and have regained control over a considerable part of the territory.

Some “80,000 Syrians, including tens of thousands of children” have managed to escape to safety so far, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov announced earlier this week.