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2 terrorist suspects killed, car possibly containing explosives destroyed in central Russia – report

Police shot two suspected terrorists at a residential complex in Nizhny Novgorod in central Russia after they refused to stop their vehicle on request, according to law enforcement sources. The men were reportedly preparing a terrorist attack.

[Officers] shot two suspected terrorists driving a Daewoo Nexia,” a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti news agency.

A third suspect has been detained, Interfax news agency reported, citing its own police source.

The area had reportedly been put on lockdown for several hours during the operation.

Earlier today, three men who were driving a white Daewoo Nexia gave armed resistance [to law enforcement] in the Tsvety residential complex. As a result, two were eliminated and one was arrested,” the source said.

Officers reportedly opened fire on the suspects after they threw a grenade at them, TASS reported, citing another source close to the operation.

Police chased the Daewoo Nexia, which, according to our information, was being driven by members of illegal armed groups. When they noticed that they were being pursued, one of the suspects threw a grenade towards the police car. After this, the officers opened fire at the Daewoo Nexia,” the source said.

According to TASS news agency, security service officers also defused a suspicious object, presumably an explosive device, which was in the suspects’ car.

“An anti-mine robot destroyed a suspicious object that was in the car,” a source told the agency, without specifying the nature of the object, adding that police had tried to stop the car for a check, but the driver refused to stop and attempted to flee.

The residential complex where the incident took place was cordoned off.

The alleged terrorists were reportedly renting an apartment in the Tsvety complex, and the flat has been located and searched, TASS reported, citing a source.

A manhunt for the suspects’ possible accomplices has also been conducted in the area, TASS reported, adding that security has been ramped up in the entire city.

Local residents have been posting pictures and updates on the situation on the residential complex’s social media page at VK.RU since early morning.

They said there was heavy police presence in the area and that all roads leading to the complex were sealed off. Many also noted that they were asked to stay inside by law enforcement, and some claimed they were woken up this morning by the sound of gunshots.

Two officers were reportedly wounded during the operation.

Officers were shell-shocked in the explosion; they were taken to the hospital,” another source told TASS.

Only the cars of local residents were allowed to enter the grounds of the complex at the time of the special op, asked to present documents proving they live there.