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Train evacuated in Leipzig, Germany over bomb threat - suspect arrested

Train evacuated in Leipzig, Germany over bomb threat - suspect arrested
Police have arrested a man at Leipzig Messes railway station after an incident earlier Wednesday which led to the evacuation of a train over an alleged bomb threat.

The 41-year-old suspect was arrested when he finally surrendered voluntarily after spending four and a half hours detained in a train carriage.  

A police operation got underway at Leipzig Messes railway station before noon and the train was evacuated, however the suspect passenger was detained on board.

The arrested man has a disability, according to Leipziger Volkszeitung. The man became aggressive after submitting his disability card instead of a ticket and was told he was not entitled to free travel.

He then apparently claimed he was going to blow up the train and a bag he possessed suggested the possibility he was carrying explosives. The man was then trapped by train attendants in a carriage.

Police say early investigations suggest there were no explosives on board.  

Sachsen police confirmed early Wednesday afternoon they were working with Bundespolizei Pirna and Deutsche Bahn to investigate the incident.

A police spokesman told Leipziger Volkszeitung that a passenger “freaked out” on board the Intercity Express 2302. 

The train which was en route from  Munich to Berlin was stopped at Leipzig Messe station after the man began behaving aggressively. Local reporters claimed the man threatened to blow up the train.

Deutsche Bahn issued a statement confirming the police investigation at Leipzig Messe and apologising for delays and cancellations.

Long distance trains and the S-bahn are affected. The rail company said it was setting up an emergency bus as alternative transport for commuters.

Passengers tweeted from the scene just after 11.30 a.m. Wednesday morning.