DHL plane crashes on road after overshooting runway at Italian airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A Boeing 737 cargo plane belonging to DHL was arriving at Bergamo’s Orio al Serio international airport in Italy from Paris when it skidded off the wet runway and smashed through multiple barriers.

Dramatic pictures from the scene posted on social media show just how close the DHL aircraft came to causing serious injury to anyone traveling on the road at the time. Miraculously nobody, including the three crew members on board, was harmed. 

The crash happened at 4am local time Friday and caused the temporary closure of the airport, which is in the Lombardy region. 

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Some flights had to be rescheduled and rerouted as a result of the incident, but a statement from Sacbo, the company that runs Bergamo, said the airport was back up and running as of 6:47am.