Adopt a Remainer! Romanian campaign offers desperate UK voters chance to stay in EU

Adopt a Remainer! Romanian campaign offers desperate UK voters chance to stay in EU
Any ‘Remain’ voters distraught by the British decision to leave the EU have been offered a chance to stay in the union by a Bucharest-based newspaper. They now can be adopted by “loving Romanian families” to stay part of Europe.

A campaign called ‘Romanians for Remainians’ has been launched by the Bucharest-based daily Gandul, which is mockingly offering Brits who voted to remain in the EU a chance for a fresh start.

The campaign website tells residents of Romania: “Fellow Romanians, the good people who voted remain and share European values deserve to be our relatives.”

“Let’s all volunteer so that each Remainian is adopted by a Romanian.” It then gives them a chance to offer to “adopt” a British ‘Remain’ voter before matching them up with someone.

“Dear Brits who believe in a united Europe, leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind. Start a brand new life in a loving Romanian family,” it says.

When a ‘Remainian’ signs up, the website asks for a Facebook profile to link with a registered Romanian. Once subscribed, the Brit is then given a new Romanian name with the “escu” suffix added to the surname, and is told who he or she was adopted by.

This is not the first time Gandul has launched such a campaign. In 2013, it ran a response to adverts aimed at discouraging Romanians from coming to the UK, with a poster tagline reading: “We may not like Britain, but you will love Romania.”

Cutting UK benefits to halt immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, which both joined the EU in 2007, has consistently been cited as an aim under the current UK government in attempts to influence Euroskeptic voters.