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9 Jun, 2016 08:18

Fighter jet crash: SU-27 pilot killed near Moscow, failed to eject trying to avoid homes (VIDEO)

A Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet has crashed in the Moscow Region, some 30km from the Russian capital. The pilot died in the crash, guiding the aircraft away from residential units. No casualties or destruction on the ground have been reported.

Original reports suggested the crashed aircraft was a MiG-29, but the Defense Ministry has confirmed a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet crashed near Muranovo village in the Pushkino district of the Moscow region.

The pilot was killed in the crash, the ministry said. There was no ammunition on board the fighter jet.

The aircraft has crashed away from the residential area and no additional damage or injuries on the ground is reported.

The commander of the Russian Air Force has suspended flights of all active Su-27 aircraft until further notice.

The Russian Knights aerobatic team performed a demonstration today, TASS reports. It was dedicated to the inauguration of a memorial to aviators in Ashukino settlement several kilometers from the location of the crash. The Russian Knights team taking part in the event consisted of six aircraft.


An eye witness reports that he heard “a loud explosion and saw a pillar of black smoke rising above the tree line.”

Investigators have now arrived at the crash site.

Preliminary analysis suggests the crash was caused by a technical failure.
The pilot had been trying to divert the stricken aircraft from a residential area and had no time to eject, the Defense Ministry said.

Major Sergey Eremenko, 34, was a squadron leader of the Russian Knights aerobatic team. During his military career he operated Yak-52, L-39, MiG-29 and Su-27 aircrafts and had 800 flight hours logged. He joined the Russian Knights in 2011. Major Eremenko leaves behind a wife and two daughters.