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6 Jun, 2016 21:25

Young bear sabotages 3,000-strong Finnish army drill prompting them to take cover

Young bear sabotages 3,000-strong Finnish army drill prompting them to take cover

A one-year-old bear made an incursion into a Finnish army’s base and disrupted a brigade training exercise of more than 3,000 troops, with some taking cover in their trucks, local media reported.

Kainuu brigade, one of the largest and most capable units in the Finnish army which trains around 4,000 conscripts annually, was on high alert this weekend after a the young bear made his way into the military camp, according to Finland’s Iltalehti tabloid newspaper.

The bear gained access to the base on Saturday feasting on the soldiers’ meals and tearing some of their belongings.

Scared by the bear, the soldiers dispersed and took cover in their trucks sitting it out until the animal left the scene.

During the standoff, commanders decided it would be wise to shoot the stubborn animal as “it wasn’t afraid of humans,” unlike other representatives of the species.

Usually, bears avoid encounters with humans, but this one was not afraid of our soldiers at all,” spokeswoman for the Kainuu brigade Satu Hujanen told the newspaper.

They contacted police to get permission to shoot the animal as required by Finnish law. The bear was shot dead shortly afterwards, according to the newspaper. Fortunately, none were injured, Hujanen said.

Stationed near a town of Kajaani in central Finland, the Kainuu brigade is one of the three permanent readiness brigades in the Finnish Army. It usually trains infantry personnel and other troops suited for combat in harsh weather conditions and heavy terrain.

Their courses thereforee vary from normal Finnish Army training schedules, and utilize different equipment, such as the light tracked all-terrain vehicles used for the fast transportation of troops especially during winter time.