'Australia is my favorite European country': Twitter competes in wittiness following Eurovision

Australia's Dami Im performs "Sound Of Silence" at Eurovision 2016 © Vladimir Astapkovich
The Twitter community has been discussing the Eurovision 2016 song contest, making fun of Australia's participation, as well as American pop star Justin Timberlake's performance and confusing vote counts.

With more than seven million Tweets posted on the global social network about the singing competition, a record has been set, according to the organizers. But while some have been seriously fighting over the allegedly political underpinning of the contest, RT has chosen some of the funniest thoughts on #Eurovision 2016.

Many were confused with separate jury and televoting result announcements. Others wondered how Australia's act of South Korean origin managed to score second place in the European contest.

The American audience received its share of European singing galore, with this year's Eurovision having been broadcast in the US for the first time ever. Justin Timberlake also took center stage at the concert.

Predictably, the results did not please everyone, with millions having been surprised with the political aspects of the competition... yet again. At least some things are stable in Europe.