First-ever 360 video of Russia’s amazing drifting Arctic base

© Valeriy Melnikov
In an annual feat of engineering and bravery, each spring Russian explorers and scientists set up a base on a floating ice mass near the North Pole. And RT is the first to transmit back panoramic footage from one of the most unique places on the planet.

To set up a base in such hostile conditions, a flat and sturdy ice surface is scouted by helicopters. The site is then cleared and serves as a landing strip for cargo planes, around which the camp is built.

Called Barneo, it is a starting point for Polar trips, extreme sports competitions, and deep-ice and weather experiments.

From this year, it is also the site for a month-long drill for elite paratroopers from Russia and Belarus.

Early next month, after less than six weeks of operations, the camp will be dismantled, only to be rebuilt in a new location next year.