‘Shameful’: Catholic Spanish teacher admits molesting 9 kids, but gets no jail term

‘Shameful’: Catholic Spanish teacher admits molesting 9 kids, but gets no jail term
A Catholic Spanish schoolteacher has admitted in court that he abused nine children, all seven years old, but won’t be spending any time behind bars because of a legal loophole.

Roberto P.S. admitted he had molested eight girls and one boy, a spokeswoman for the court said, as cited by The Local.

The teacher got individual sentences of one year per child, totaling nine years in jail, prosecution and defense have agreed, Cadena Ser TV reported.

However, here’s when the tricky law comes to the molester’s rescue: due to the fact that the teacher received individual sentences of one year, and not an entire nine-year sentence, he qualifies for a suspended sentence, according to a reform to the country’s criminal code.

Also, Roberto P.S. doesn’t have any prior convictions, so he could easily spend his term outside the cell.

Following the announcement of the sentence, thousands took to social media, calling the situation “shameful” and “outrageous.”

“The Spanish justice system allows child molesters to walk free in the streets,” the SIMI advocacy group, which supports tougher sentences for child abusers, has written.

"You f**k up someone's childhood and life, but it's OK because here you have to pay €2,200 and it's all fixed," a Twitter user wrote.

Another user has indignantly commented that the Spanish judicial system leaves her “stunned” and “amazed.”

Roberto P.S. was arrested and taken into custody in 2011 on charges of child molestation. After that, several more parents complained about his activities to the authorities.

If the ruling comes into force, the teacher will have to pay 2,200 euros to every victim. All of them are now 12 years old.