Brussels attacks stem from 'EU foreign policy fiasco' – Bulgarian PM

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov © Stoyan Nenov
Bulgaria’s prime minister has said the foreign policy of “certain EU states” has blown up in the face of European politicians and made the Brussels attacks possible. Europe should show that it won’t let the terrorists “destroy our civilization,” the PM said.

“It is unfair and unjust that people we take care of deliver a stab at the very heart of Europe,” Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said in comments on the terror acts in the Belgian capital on Tuesday. “We see in that the failure of the foreign policy of a whole series of European states.”

“Terrorists cannot be integrated [into our society],” Borisov added.

The head of the Bulgarian government also issued a special statement, calling on Europeans “to show the world they would not allow terrorism to ruin our civilization.”

“I know we can fulfill it in the most convincing manner, because we share common values, morale and culture. I assure the friendly Belgian people and government that in this hard moment we’re together and they can rely on Bulgaria’s help and solidarity,” Borisov said.