Syria LIVE on your cell phone: RT brings unique Periscope streams from conflict zone

© Hosam Katan
RT has been working tirelessly to bring you detailed coverage from Syria where at times no camera goes. Now our correspondents will be bringing livestream footage from the ISIS-ridden warzone right to your cell phones.

And we already do. On Friday, RT’s Lizzie Phelan took to the Periscope to share an overview of the battered city of Aleppo. Giving a detailed view, our correspondent gave a tour of the key locations that have taken part in the fighting, now in its fifth year.

Over on the streets, the situation is notably murkier, as water and other shortages stand out sharply, interfering with everyday life in this large city. People can be seen filling up jerry cans and other containers with water.

Lizzie talks to Rheem, a woman who runs a local NGO tasked with coordinating relief efforts. She testifies to the people’s attitude toward the Syrian army’s presence in Aleppo as that of the only thing that keeps them safe.

And this is what Periscope experience will be bringing to you – live hits, real people, your questions jumping straight into the action. See more.