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Chirp & whistle: Russian space agency releases space ‘songs’ (VIDEO)

Chirp & whistle: Russian space agency releases space ‘songs’ (VIDEO)
Many believe there are no sounds in the universe because of the vacuum. But Russia’s space agency Roscosmos reveals in a viral video that pulsars, auroras and even black holes can “sing” their own songs.

Even solar flares or large-scale asteroids’ collisions happen in complete silence, Roscosmos scientists said in a YouTube video.

But “cosmic melodies” emitted by pulsars, the sun, Jupiter and its moon Ganymede, black holes, the Aurora Borealis and interstellar space have been recorded by the agency with the radio telescopes.

In other words, one can “listen” to the universe by converting radio waves from space objects into sounds that can be heard by humans. 

Each “song” is different. Whereas the Sun sounds like a power generator, Jupiter “whistles,” auroras chirp, and the sound emitted by black holes, one of the least known phenomena, reminds one of fanning winds or a snowstorm.

Interstellar space, in turn, sounds very much like transmitted or received radio waves.

Earlier Sunday, NASA released tapes containing a very musical dance of frequencies and noise, coming from the Moon’s dark side.

Al Worden, an astronaut with Apollo 15, said: “There are recorders that record whatever’s going on the back side, and then you do a data dump when you come around the front side, and Houston or mission control then can see what happened when you were around the back side.”

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