Kiev police fine ‘Osama bin Laden’ for stopping near US embassy - media

© Рідна Україна
A Kiev police officer reportedly issued a fine in the name of the late terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, after a taxi driver showed him an obviously fake license.

The driver, whose real name is Aleksandr, stopped in the wrong place not far from the American embassy in Ukraine. When a police officer approached, he produced the fake credentials, Ukrainian TSN television reported.

The license was a joke gift from friends, who nicknamed Aleksandr after bin Laden because he has a long, shaggy beard. The card features the photo of the world’s most notorious terrorist and states that the holder is Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden, born in the “mountains of Afghanistan.”

© Рідна Україна

It even states his patronymic as “Terroristovich” – son of Terrorist – and said the license was issued by an organization called “Prikolis” or “Hoax them”.

Nevertheless, the officer issued an official fine in the name of bin Laden, the report said.