ISIS shooting video exposed as footage from 'Medal of Honor'

ISIS shooting video exposed as footage from 'Medal of Honor'
A dramatic video shown on Iranian state TV, purporting to show a Hezbollah sniper shoot six ISIS soldiers, has been exposed as footage from the first-person shooter video game Medal of Honor.

The video was shown on Iran’s state TV as well as shared on its website and across other Iranian media outlets, according to France 24.

The men speaking Arabic in the video are portrayed as a team of crack Hezbollah snipers from Lebanon.

The footage generated a number of sensational headlines from national media including "Hezbollah sniper kills Daesh combattant”, "Hezbollah sniper hunts down Daesh brutes”, and "Six Daesh combatants are killed in 2 minutes by a Hezbollah sniper”.

Press agency Mizan News went even further and alleged that the Hezbollah commandos were using "the Arash" – a 20-caliber anti-material rifle made in Iran.

If you’ve ever played Medal of Honor, you’ll probably spot the giveaway signs pretty quickly. Watch out for the familiar symbols and see if you can pinpoint the exact clip that was altered.