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1 Feb, 2016 20:11

'Pick-up artist' slammed and ridiculed online over notion of ‘legal rape’

'Pick-up artist' slammed and ridiculed online over notion of ‘legal rape’

Social media users have slammed and ridiculed an American blogger who leads a so-called “neomasculinity” movement which advocates the legalization of rape. He is due to visit Australia to meet some of his international supporters.

Return of Kings, an online group proclaiming men’s supremacy over women, headed by anti-feminist blogger and pick-up guru Daryush Valizadeh, is to hold a real-life meeting which has sparked a firestorm among Twitter users.

Valizadeh, also known as Roosh, is the author of a whole series of self-published “pro-rape” books that are currently in stock on Amazon. The books provide a deep insight into the "philosophy," giving graphic descriptions of his sex life. In September a petition to remove them from sale was filed, however little progress has been achieved so far.

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Acting from “the best of motives”, Roosh argues that legalizing rape would significantly decrease its rate forcing women to “take better care of their bodies”. If a woman isn’t careful enough, c'est la vie then. Valizadeh won’t hesitate, care or rationalize his actions since having sex is what he does, according to one of his books.

The meeting in Australia is a part of the international meet-up day scheduled for February 6. The list of countries and cities taking part in the event published on the group’s official website bears an impressive total of 165 venues.

The site describes the event as a “tribal meeting” and gives instructions on how to detect fellow tribesmen in the crowd.

A RoK member has to ask a person he believes belongs to the club, “do you know where I can find a pet shop?” Thus, meeting attendees are supposed to find each other.

However, some users suggest that slight changes might have been brought to the ritual.

Others have also complained of dubious and unoriginal code-phrases that put them in awkward situations.

The champion of “neomasculinity”, Valizadeh, who was initially going to stay away from the meetings, booked a ticket at the last moment and tweeted that he was heading for a Australia to see some of his followers there.

The meet-up day is organized for “men bonding”, the website states. However, homosexual and transgender men are not invited.

Valizadeh’s movement was set up in October 2012 is intended for a “small but vocal collection of men… who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine,” the website says, also adding that “a woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”