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25 Jan, 2016 17:20

Aussie police call out ‘Bill’ for being most annoying internet meme

Aussie police call out ‘Bill’ for being most annoying internet meme

Queensland Police like to have fun. Be like Queensland Police.

The Queensland Police Service have managed to do in one post what officers the world over have failed to do for decades ‒ gain the respect of the public.

Of course this is a major generalization, but you get the idea.

Queensland Police are searching for a man with a very slight build, dark hat and no nose who has been repeatedly disturbing people’s timelines. He answers to the name Bill.

Posted by Queensland Police Service on Sunday, 24 January 2016

Like all good things on the internet, what was once amusing has been shoved in our faces so often we hate it.

The ‘Be like Bill’ meme, which gave Facebook users the chance to air their social media pet peeves, has quickly become an annoying stick figure that’s clogging our timelines.

Deal with it. Be like Bill.

Posted by Be like Bill on Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sensing this growing shift from appreciation to disdain, the Queensland Police Service took to their Facebook page to warn people of the public nuisance.

The post has been liked over 120,000 times and shared by 32,000 people. If we go by the internet’s timeframe, you have exactly seven minutes before, this too, becomes boring.

Be like Bill enjoys his meal instead

Posted by Be like Bill on Saturday, 23 January 2016

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