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23 Jan, 2016 21:17

‘I want to be a nun’ reality show to run on Spanish TV

‘I want to be a nun’ reality show to run on Spanish TV

A new TV show called “I want to be a nun” will give viewers the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of a mysterious and hidden world behind a convent’s doors.

TV cameras will follow every step a nun-to-be does on her way to God, providing an insight into the way different convents, even the most strict and closed ones, operate, according to El Observador.

The programme is aimed at casting some light on a community that is “rarely seen” on television, Mediaset mass media company producer Mariano Blanco said at a press conference, the cuatro.com website reported.

The five volunteers will have to give up the perks and comfort of the 21 century temporal world and take the vows of obedience, stability, celibacy, poverty and others. None of the day-to-day difficulties that the women are about to face will escape a TV camera’s careful attention.

There are three action spots including convents in Madrid, Granada and Alicante. The contestants will take part in all kinds of activities common for church people including taking care of hundreds of children in a creche, observing the traditions of a 500-year-old closed order and braving a mission in the Bolivian jungle.

“At the end of series, the women will have to decide whether they want to dedicate their lives to God or if they would prefer to follow their faith as lay people,” Mediaset said to The Local.

The show has been described as “a great experience so far” by a representative of one the convents, the Sisters of Santísimo Sacramento in Madrid, The Local reported. However, no other comments followed since the show has not yet aired.