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Drunken vigilantes: Aussie lads foil robbery (VIDEO)

Drunken vigilantes: Aussie lads foil robbery (VIDEO)
Two mates in Australia have become unlikely heroes after recording themselves foiling a robbery while they were already a few beers into the night.

The video shot by Kane Wiblen starts with James Ross-Munroe talking about how he “busted a plugga” (Aussie slang for ‘broke his flip-flops’).

They then spot the alleged robbery in progress and decide to intervene by taking the getaway car’s keys, which had been left in the ignition.

After some fisticuffs. Ross-Munroe is seen chasing the suspect down a long, dark street, but unable to catch up.

He later joked on his Facebook page: “I chased them but because I'm fat they got away haha.”

Police have since arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the incident.

Ross-Munroe has become an unlikely hero with the video appearing on national news and being viewed online over half a million times.

He took to Facebook to say it all deserves a celebration, presumably with beer and a new pair of thongs.