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18 Jan, 2016 17:19

Russian risk-takers: 5 times extreme-sports lovers got it wrong (VIDEO)

Russian risk-takers: 5 times extreme-sports lovers got it wrong (VIDEO)

This skier was after the thrill of speed when he attached himself to a train near Kovalyovo, not far from St. Petersburg. He went on to prove the obvious - stunts like this are dangerous. The evidence: a broken finger, knee injuries and multiple bruises.

This young snowboarder thought he had it all under control, cruising behind his mate’s car smack in central St. Petersburg during heavy snowfall. But as his daredevil video was raking in likes on Instagram, some people were less impressed by the stunt - namely the police, who used CCTV footage to identify the young men and subsequently fine them.

The flooded streets of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok inspired these two wakeboarders to ride attached to a truck instead of the usual boat. Sorry guys, but you can’t defy gravity. The first red traffic light meant the rope lost its pull and the duo sank to their knees in the dirty flood waters.

This professional stuntman shows off his skills by skiing attached to a truck in rural Siberia. His speed is as high as 130kph in this video, not a personal record, as he claims he’s done 140kph before. The man, Vitaly Slobodenyuk, says he wants to continue risking his life and making these videos.

Roofing is a big thing in Russia and sometimes it takes on a whole new meaning and things turn political. Like the time someone painted a star on top of an iconic Moscow skyscraper with the colors of the Ukrainian flag in 2014. Roofer and artist Mustang Wanted claimed he was to blame after police made four arrests in connection with the crime.

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