8 injured in Mexico City explosion (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

8 injured in Mexico City explosion (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Eight people have been injured by an explosion in Mexico City, according to the city's ambulance service. Paramedics are reportedly at the scene assisting those who were wounded.

The explosion occurred at Adylyz cafe on Félix Cuevas Street. 

The city's mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, referred to the blast as a gas explosion, and urged residents to avoid the area.

Twitter user @GabyEncin reported that a little girl was among those injured in the explosion.

Photos posted on Twitter show the entire storefront of the cafe destroyed, and windows above it shattered.

The Center for Attention to Emergencies and Civil Protection of Mexico City reported the closure of nearby roads, due to work by emergency teams.

The blast comes one year after a gas truck explosion outside a Mexico City maternity hospital left two people dead and 53 others injured.