Russian daredevil skis at 130kph down icy Siberian road (VIDEO)

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Watch a Russian stuntman see how fast he can ski while tied to the back of a car speeding down a road in Siberia.

Stuntman Vitaly Slobodenyuk risked life and limb to take his skiing to the max, while friend Dmitry Koval pulled him along a snowy road in the Novosibirsk region.

The two say they are experienced skiers and had practiced the risky ride many times.

“Last time we did this, we managed to accelerate up to 140 kph but there was no opportunity to film it,” Koval told the Siberian Times.

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The Subaru Outback gradually reached 130 kilometers per hour, 40 over the speed limit, as Slobodenyuk held on tight.
“After our video suddenly getting such huge attention, I can state that we will not stop. We will film new records in speed,” Dmitry said, before warning others not to try this at home.