Russian puppy takes flight to Paris to replace dog killed in anti-terror raid

The German Shepherd puppy donated to the French police by Russia’s Interior Ministry was brought to Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Friday evening, for onwards travel to France where he will begin work.

Dobrynya was given to the French ambassador following the death of Diesel, a service dog who was killed in a shootout during a police raid on suspected terrorists, in Saint-Denis on November 18.

Diesel’s death gripped the hearts of animal lovers, with many taking to social media to share photos of their pets along with the hashtag #JeSuisDiesel as a mark of respect.

“The puppy you are giving us today will replace Diesel and proves your friendship. Paris is waiting for him,” said French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert in December, as quoted by TASS.

Dobrynya, named after a Russian epic knight who is a symbol of strength, kindness and bravery, was shown off to journalists at the airport before catching his flight to Paris.

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