Spanish cops dump Moroccan immigrant in wheelchair onto pavement (VIDEO)

Spanish cops dump Moroccan immigrant in wheelchair onto pavement (VIDEO)
Two Spanish police officers have been caught on camera throwing an apparently disabled Moroccan woman from her wheelchair onto the street. They defended their actions, saying she entered the country illegally and alleging she was in “perfect” health.

The incident was reported to have taken place in the Spanish border town of Beni Ansar in Melilla on Tuesday. Two police officers in uniform were pushing the woman in the wheelchair down a passage way. However, as soon as they reached a gate, they proceeded to remove the woman and dump her on the pavement.

The Moroccan woman is seen lying motionless as the officers turn around and walk away.

The Spanish cops defended their actions, alleging that the “disabled” woman was well known to the authorities and border officials. They said she had tried to enter Spain illegally on a number of occasions without the necessary documentation. The woman was also said to have undergone a medical examination just prior to her expulsion from Spain, with doctors saying she was in “perfect” health.

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Melilla is a Spanish enclave on the African continent, which is a major entry point for immigrants trying to enter the European country.

In May, 2014, Morocco built a five-meter-high wall, topped with blades and barbed wire, on the Melilla to keep immigrants out. Two months ago, around 1,000 people tried to climb over a triple layer wire fence which had been erected by the Spanish authorities. About half of those trying to make it into Spain were successful.