ChocoHigh! Chocolate with cannabis goes on sale in Siberia for $3 a bar

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A chocolate company in Altai in southern Siberia has come up with a chocolate bar it says will give you “an energy boost for the whole day.” Unusually, cannabis is one of the new bar’s ingredients.

The company Obraz Zhizni (Lifestyle) says the chocolate is solely made of natural things, such as cacao, carob (natural substitute for cacao) and cannabis seeds. Apart from cannabis, you can also choose chocolate with buckwheat and flax seeds.

To make the chocolate even more natural, the company has abandoned regular sugar and uses grape sugar instead.

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© shop.lifeway

“The new product is designed for anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle. The combination of chocolate and seeds makes it nutritious, stills hunger and gives natural energy for the whole day,” says a press release from the company.

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The cannabis chocolate bar costs 230 rubles (about $3) and is being sold online

The company says it’s working on other “interesting and healthy” types of chocolate.