Mom to the rescue: Dog saves her puppies from drowning (VIDEO)

© Hyungwon Kang
The video of a brave mother dog saving her puppies from the flood that’s sweeping India, has touched hearts across the world.

The black and white canine desperately swims near a rubbish-filled heap, where her puppies sit together, whimpering.

The mom picks up one of her little ones and gets back into the dirty water, with the two almost sinking. Finally, the two reach the shore and safety.

The video’s description says the dog managed to bring all four of her puppies to safety.

The worst rainfall in a century has caused massive flooding in Chennai, India, as local sewage systems failed.

Five hundred people have already died in the disaster, according to authorities, and apart from flood dangers, locals fear stagnant sewage water could lead to major epidemics.