Robots may kill us all, but for now… snowflake art

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It is only a matter of time before robots usurp their masters and enslave the entire human race. For now, let’s just be happy they are busying themselves with arts and crafts.

A great AI-takeover can’t be far away, what with giant robotic insects and ninja sword bots roaming the planet.

Hell, there are even mechanical cyborgs ready to chase down people at cheetah-like speeds...

... and seduce them with their music.

But since it is Christmas, how about we forget the bleak future of robot subjugation and possible annihilation by our current computer underlings?

Check out this highly dexterous robot creating paper snowflakes.

The robot’s owners might want to remove scissor privileges - in case it sparks a Skynet revolution.

Looks like Johnny 5 has some competition.