Living on the Dark Side: Typical day in the life of Ukrainian Darth Vader (PHOTOS)

Living on the Dark Side: Typical day in the life of Ukrainian Darth Vader (PHOTOS)
Imperial ambitions and dark side deeds are no excuse from chores, especially for a Ukrainian Internet Party leader, who officially changed his name to Darth Vader and never appears in public without a Star Wars villain costume.

Darth Mykolaiovych Vader begins his day early has he walks his dog along the Black Sea shore in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, a Reuters photojournalist found out after spending a day with a Ukrainian man.

He’s a veteran of Ukrainian politics, for years being the face – or rather, that mask – of the country’s Internet Party.

Darth Vader has been violating the Star Wars cannon by having not only imperial storm troopers, but rebel alien, Chewbacca, accompanying him during public appearances.

The Internet Party leader has made several attempts to run in elections at different levels in Ukraine, including the presidential vote in 2015.

Darth Vader prefers healthy food, using a knife instead of a lightsaber to cut vegetables.

The Sith Lord’s election campaigns usually end when he refuses to adhere to a legal demand that he removes his iconic black mask and show his face for identification purposes.

When it comes to favourite movies, the Ukrainian Darth Vader’s obvious choice is the original Star Wars trilogy, in which his on-scene prototype shined.

In October, over 25,000 people signed a petition calling on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshekno to appoint Darth Vader as prime minister, instead of Arseny Yartsenyuk.

Embroidering in the comfort of his apartment is good way for the Sith Lord relax after an exhausting day of villainy and chores.

The politician promised to tackle Ukraine’s problems in ways worthy of his movie namesake, like commissioning a Death Star to boost the economy and defense sectors, as well as making Sith the official language.