Rival Syrian rebels slam ISIS ‘brutality’ in mock execution (VIDEO)

Rival Syrian rebels slam ISIS ‘brutality’ in mock execution (VIDEO)
An online clip apparently made by a rival Syrian rebel group teaches Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) better things they could do to their prisoners than executing them.

Masked men are holding guns near their captives' heads, as orange-robed, handcuffed men are on their knees. But no shooting follows.

“Muslims are not criminals,” the video says, which is also the name of the clip.

Instead, the men throw away their masks and guns and the orange-robed men are preached to by an imam.

The imam tells the prisoners to repent, saying in Arabic: “This is not our policy. We are not evil.” The captives are then said to go to prison.

The video was apparently composed by an Aleppo-based rebel group called the Levant Front, according to The Daily Mail.

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IS terrorists frequently use public executions as a tool to enforce the so-called ‘caliphate’ on captured territories. IS has filmed several executions, including by decapitation, firing squad, stoning, drowning, burning and, in at least one case, pushing the accused off a tall building.

Victims of such filmed executions were nationals of Russia, the US, United Kingdom, Jordan and Japan, along with dozens of Syrians.