Flyboarders showcase head-spinning acrobatic skills in Dubai (VIDEO)

Flyboarders showcase head-spinning acrobatic skills in Dubai (VIDEO)
A video recorded to attract spectators to a sporting event in Dubai this December is leaving internet users pondering a last-minute escape to see the best of the best in wingsuiting, skydiving and flyboarding - the latest action sports crazes.

XDubai, the emirate’s action sports ambassadors, have recorded a video promoting this year’s Flyboard Cup in Dubai, to be held on December 5 - and it’s going viral. 

Flyboarding involves hovering above the water while standing on a board connected to a long hose attached to a watercraft. A lot of equipment seems to be involved, but the video shows just how much freedom of movement the sport actually provides. Flyboarders can reach up to 15 meters above the water and can dive headfirst down to 2.5 meters underwater. 

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This is the second year that Dubai is hosting the XDubai Flyboard World Cup. The first championship took place in Doha, Qatar, in 2012 - the year the Flyboard was invented by French watercraft rider Franky Zapata.