Panda-monium as cuddly bear defies his keepers (VIDEO)

Panda-monium as cuddly bear defies his keepers (VIDEO)
An adorable moment was caught on camera when a giant panda in a Japan zoo tried to escape from his keeper by running around the enclosure and tumbling down a steep embankment.

Giant pandas are known for being lazy, shy and notoriously difficult to breed, but downright badly behaved is not a trait normally associated with the cuddly bear.

One such panda in Wakayama zoo was happy to buck the trend, however, as he continually defied his keeper by sliding down the steep embankment at the front of his enclosure - and then struggled to get back up.

However, this particular bear’s antics weren’t quite as spectacular as the ‘beam’ routine of a panda named Ai Bang at a zoo in China last August.

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