Boy’s balloon shuts down Madrid Metro

© Juan Medina
Move over Al-Qaeda, there’s a new force disrupting Madrid’s rush hour commuters - a child’s balloon. The busiest section of Metro Line 2 in the Spanish capital was shut down this morning after a child’s aluminum foil balloon caught fire when it touched cables above the track, causing a power cut.

Translation: Circulac . B. L2 interrupted between Spain and St. Dominic in both directions impact on the facility. Estimated time over 1 h.

Sol station was closed between 7.15am and 8.15am, and Line 2 service had to skip five of the city’s busiest stations from Banco de España to Santo Domingo. 


Today was also the launch of Madrid’s new ‘Scenario One’ initiative to help combat air pollution in the city and encourage more people to use public transport, but after the delays, some Madrilenians might have less time for their siestas.