‘Pray for Paris’: Touching video tribute pays respect to terror attack victims

© Alex Soloviev
A touching video tribute to Paris has been posted online by a Russian filmmaker, showing an outpouring of love and support for those lost in the terror attacks. The creator told RT he opted for a video tribute because “too many words were already said.”

The ‘Pray for Paris’ video, posted on Vimeo by filmmaker Alex Soloviev, features residents paying their respects at Place de la République, which has been transformed into a memorial for the victims.

“When I was at Place de la République, I could feel and even see all that grief and sadness floating between people, candles, flowers. I realized that I had to memorize it...too many words already were said everywhere and I couldn’t add any more. The only way for me to express my feelings [was to] catch the images through my lens,” Soloviev told RT.

The filmmaker went on to say that he originally made a version with narration, but eventually chose to leave the video silent so that it “leaves viewers with space for their own thoughts.”

Soloviev said he believes the tribute offers people a chance to view the tragedy from a different angle than what is shown on the news, adding that “only [the unity] of nations can save this world from being destroyed.”