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Two Paris suicide bombers came through Greece – prosecutor

Two Paris suicide bombers came through Greece – prosecutor
The Paris prosecutor says it has been determined that a second terrorist taking part in the suicide bombing at Stade de France stadium last Friday had also arrived in France via Greece.

His fingerprints were taken on October 3 while he was travelling through Greece, Francois Molins said in a statement on Friday.

Counter-intelligence and police sources had told Reuters earlier that the first suicide bomber to be determined as arriving in France from Greece, who blew himself up at Gate D, may have had an accomplice as he was traveling through the Balkans to Western Europe.

That terrorist was identified from a Syrian passport near his body as Ahmad al-Mohammad. However, it remains unclear whether the document actually belonged to the man whose body was found next to the stadium or had been stolen.

The first identified suicide bomber, Ahmad al-Mohammad, was apparently fingerprinted at the same time as the second on October 3 in Greece.
Molins said that the fingerprints of the second suicide bomber, who blew himself up at Gate H of the stadium, and of the refugee fingerprinted at the Greek border with Mohammad were proven to match.

A counter-intelligence source confirmed to Reuters that Mohammad was travelling with a companion two days after reaching the Greek port of Piraeus.

They ended up at a refugee camp in the Serbian town of Presevo. Mohammad might have already been on his own by that time, however, since Serbian officials haven’t mentioned an accomplice.

The series of coordinated terrorist attacks, which left 130 people dead and almost 400 wounded, occurred on Friday, November 13 in Paris with three suicide bombers blowing themselves up at the Stade de France football stadium, street shootings, and an attack on the Bataclan theatre.