Truck avoids crash on slippery road in daredevil maneuver (VIDEO)

© Live Leak
Bull in a china shop? Not really. Watch nearby drivers stop in shock after a truck extremely narrowly misses crashing into every single car around it in a graceful, albeit incredibly dangerous stunt.

To avoid hitting the breaks on a slippery road, the truck driver seemingly decided to switch into the fast lane amid heavy traffic and a buildup ahead. 

The driver’s swift actions might have caused a few gray hairs: one by one cars that have avoided collision with the mechanical beast stop in the middle of the road in shock and horror. 

After having performed the chilling maneuver, the truck also stopped for a breather – hopefully for the driver to realize that all of this could have been avoided, had he chosen to drive at a safer speed.

Live Leak reports that the incident took place in Russia.

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