Huge clouds of smoke at Amman customs in Jordan as 'truck with fireworks explodes' (VIDEO)

Still from Facebook video by amirabdulbaky
An explosion caused by fireworks inside a container has been reported at a customs checkpoint in Amman, Jordan. Video and pictures posted on social media show clouds of smoke billowing from the site.

There are unverified reports of casualties, according to Khaberni news outlet.

Dozens of vehicles reportedly caught fire after the explosion, which witnesses described as being incredibly loud.

Fire brigades have been deployed to the area.

انفجار شاحنة مفرقعات نارية في جمرك عمان وهناك انباء عن ضحايا والاسعافات تهرع هي وفرق الاطفاء الى جمرك #عمان

Posted by ‎أمير عبد الباقي‎ on 26 октября 2015 г.