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First Snowden Twitter hater, ex-NY governor destroyed by mocking trolls

Hardly had Edward Snowden joined Twitter, he got his first troll - ex New York Governor George Pataki who called ex-NSA contractor “a traitor”. But Pataki didn’t know there is troll for every troll on social media – and in no time his tweets backfired.

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Edward Snowden joins Twitter

#Snowden: 'Can you hear me now?

Posted by RT Play on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pataki, also a republican presidential hopeful with one of the lowest rating, didn’t mince words, calling Snowden “a traitor” and “a terrorist.” He even hasn’t forgotten where “the traitor” is currently holed up –Russia.

However, Pataki was roundly trolled in return, with biting and deeply sarcastic remarks. 

Others were not so polite – they called the ex-New York governor “stupid” and “a parasite” who will never become US president.

Pataki went further – he called on Twitter to ban Snowden! And apparently it was his biggest mistake of the day. The users lashed out at him, saying he wants to ban freedom of speech and expression in violation of the US Constitution.

Twitter users wondered who was actually a “traitor”: Snowden or Pataki himself. The majority ‘voted’ for the latter.

Trolls aside, let’s compare the number of followers Snowden and Pataki have. The NSA leaker is a newcomer to Twitter and already has over 963,000 followers, while the American politician has a paltry 53,000.