UN flashbacks: RT takes a look at historic United Nations HQ (VIDEO)

The United Nations’ headquarters in New York has seen a lot in its 63-year history, having welcoming the world’s top politicians and diplomats since its completion in 1952. RT’s Anissa Naouai decided to have a look at the famous halls for herself.

70th session of UN General Assembly: LIVE UPDATES

The UN’s famous green General Assembly hall underwent a major renovation last year, but nothing could hide from RT’s sharp-eyed Anissa Naouai.

As it turns out, the walls of the General Assembly and Security Council halls have a lot of stories to tell. Mass walkouts have become a recognized and common practice to express disagreements and discontent, not to mention fistfights. Yet, at times staying seated during long debates becomes too boring, and even top ranking officials resort to tortured scribbling to break the monotony.

To get a glimpse of the famous building and the stories it hides watch RT’s Anissa Naouai report.