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23 Sep, 2015 04:49

IDF shoots 18yo Palestinian woman 10 times, lets her die in street (PHOTOS)

IDF shoots 18yo Palestinian woman 10 times, lets her die in street (PHOTOS)

An 18-year-old Palestinian girl was shot by Israeli troops at a Hebron checkpoint for allegedly refusing to show her purse or face and “trying to attack” a soldier. She died of multiple wounds in a hospital after bleeding in the street for 30 minutes.

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Hadil Hashlamoun was shot 10 times by Israeli Defense Forces at an Israeli checkpoint in Hebron near the entrance to Shuhada Street on Tuesday.

IDF soldiers did not let paramedics approach the teenager, who the Israelis claimed had tried to stab one of them. Photos posted online, however, appear to contradict the accusation.

The 18-year-old died of her wounds in the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre later in the day.

The hospital’s spokesperson said Hadil had been “terribly injured, and underwent surgery upon her arrival,” Maan News Agency reported.

“Three operations were performed on my daughter,” Salah Hashlamoun, Hadil’s father told local reporters. “A part of her intestines had to be removed. But the bullet in her chest was what killed her.”

According to reports in local Palestinian media, the woman was shot after she refused to open her purse or lift her face veil, the niqab, upon request by IDF troops. She was then left out in the street to bleed for 30 minutes before Israeli soldiers allowed doctors to approach her, the Middle East Eye news agency reported.

The Israeli army, in turn, claimed that the teenager was a terrorist who had attempted to stab one of its soldiers. According to the IDF’s story, Hashlamoun was in critical condition after being shot in the legs, and later succumbed to her injuries.

However, photos taken by the Youth Against Settlements group shortly before and after the shooting appear to contradict the IDF’s statement.

One of the group’s members claimed that the woman made no attempt to stab a soldier, adding that she most likely was shot after refusing to lift her veil.

صور حصرية : تسلسل إطلاق الرصاص على المواطنه هديل صلاح الهشلمون التي يتدعي الجيش انها حاولت طعن جندي . See the photos before and after the shooting of the Palestinian woman in Hebron .

Posted by ‎Youth Against Settlements شباب ضد الاستيطان‎ on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

‘Throw a stone? Catch a bullet!’

The incident comes just few days after Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat declared “war” against Palestinian stone-throwing, giving police a green light to use live ammunition to counter rock attacks against officers and Jewish civilians. The measure was approved on Friday. In response, Palestinians staged a ‘Day of Rage’ in protest.

The first weekend after Israel approved the new rules, pro-Israel 0404 news shared a Facebook video of IDF snipers shooting a Palestinian boy, encouraging people to “spread it.”


The footage showed an Israeli soldier aiming a rifle at a Palestinian boy who is seen picking up a stone and throwing it in a direction away from the sniper. It is unclear if the boy intended to hit anyone, as it landed outside the video frame.

רק ככה זה יעבוד. זרקת אבן? קבלת כדור. תפיצו חברים!

Posted by 0404 on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seconds after the teenager throws the rock, the sniper pulls the trigger.

A bullet hits the Palestinian boy in the leg, but he still manages to get up and run off, limping.

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“The only way this will work. You throw a stone? Catch a bullet. Spread guys!” was the comment added by Israel’s 0404 News to the post.

The post has been welcomed by cheerful comments and “likes” from pro-IDF readers. The incident appears to have taken place in the West Bank, but it is unclear exactly where and when it took place.