See you later, alligator: Creepy footage shows what it's like to be eaten by a croc

© Eric Gaillard
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be swollen by a hungry crocodile? A National Geographic team has used small floating cameras to capture what a fatal crocodile attack would look like from first-hand experience.

This heart-stopping video shows photographer Trevor Frost and filmmaker Melissa Lesh in Australia assemble small floating cameras in order to catch footage of a crocodile bite.

The strongest jaw on the planet belongs to saltwater crocodiles. This set of pearly whites slams with a destructive force of over 260 kilos per square centimeter.

To put things into perspective, a human is capable of a modest maximum of 14 kilos per square centimeter.

So no wonder we haven't seen such footage of crocodiles before. They are fast, dangerous animals that have lived on this planet for millions of years without much of a change to their physiology. That it only means one thing: these guys are on top of the food chain for a reason.

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Crocodiles also score well on the life-span scale. On average larger species live for 60-70 years, but there are cases of centenarian crocs too.

Kolya, a male crocodile, lived to an estimated age of 110–115 years in Russia. He joined the Yekaterinburg zoo between 1913-1915.

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