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Google app lets UFO lover detect ‘politician’s face’ on Mars

Google app lets UFO lover detect ‘politician’s face’ on Mars
Those who ‘want to believe’ can see anything in seemingly ordinary NASA photos of Mars. Their latest ‘find’ – the face of a person wearing a huge hat carved into rock – comes from Google’s new interactive map.

A virtual tour of the red planet offered by Google Mars Maps led Marcelo Irazusta from Argentina to his most thrilling discovery.

The lucky find resembles a face and, judging by a ‘quaint hat,’ it probably belonged to a politician or some other big Martian knob. Curiously enough, however, the man could also just as well have been an ancestor of the Indian in the Chicago Blackhawks logo.

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The UFO believer from Mar del Plata was quick to contact the website ufosightingdaily.com and share his discovery with the community. The story offers pictures as proof, and even a video guide for those who would like to find the face themselves.

The image has spurred a lot of speculation and, as a result, a rather wild assumption: “The face really stands out. I see others near it, but this one is very pronounced. The person has a very large nose, and ears. The person looks old and their hat shows their royal or political status,” Scott Waring posted on the website.

This August has been rich in interstellar events, giving UFO lovers lots of food for thought. Mars has already ‘given home’ to an incredible space crab and an alien woman, who, as Internet users claim, was “attentively watching” as the Curiosity rover was approaching the planet.

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Another question waiting to be answered is why scientists constantly fail to find anything but vestiges of water or organic material on Mars.