Pain blocked by adrenaline: BASE jumper hooks parachute into own flesh (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

© Barcroft TV
A US BASE jumper became one of the few people on Earth to perform a so-called ‘suspension jump’ – taking off from a cliff with a parachute attached to his bare back.

In May, Josh Miramant jumped from a 115-meter tall Tonsai cliff in southern Thailand and successfully landed on a nearby beach as his flesh withstood the pull of the canopy.

The parachute was attached to the daredevil’s back via four eight-millimeter hooks pierced through his skin.

“I'd never had any other piercings before and it was by far the most painful part of the whole experience,” he told documentary agency Barcroft TV.

Miramant’s back was heavily bleeding after the jump, but he said he felt no pain as it was blocked by the adrenalin rush.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the 28-year-old has become only the 11th person to perform the “suspension jump.”

The American, who said that he’s “not a masochist,” plans to make a similar jump from a hot air balloon later this year.