Gates of hell? Lava river, column of ash as volcano erupts in Indonesia (VIDEO)

Gates of hell? Lava river, column of ash as volcano erupts in Indonesia (VIDEO)
A video on YouTube has captured a terrific eruption of Mount Raung, Indonesia, which has already caused delays to hundreds of flights. The volcano has been spewing ash plumes into the air creating a wide lava river worthy of an apocalyptic movie.

At 3,300-meters high, Mount Raung in the east of the Island of Java has been erupting since the end of June and has already caused havoc to the country’s aviation industry. Its clouds of ash reached another Indonesia island of Bali.

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Thousands of tourists at Ngurah Rai Airport, near Bali's capital, Denpasar, had to wait for their departure sitting or even sleeping on the floor.

A total of 873 flights have recently been canceled or delayed at Ngurah Rai, airport official Yulfiadi told AFP on Monday. He added that the authorities will address the backlog “as quickly as possible as the ash could come back any time.”

Volcanic ash is dangerous for aviation industry as it can damage aircraft engines, experts say.

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According to Indonesian government volcanologist Gede Suantika, Mount Raung spewed ash up to 1,000 meters into the air and scientists’ observations “showed that the winds had pushed the ash in a southeasterly direction towards Bali again.”