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By the balls: Tsakalotos ‘phallus-like’ signature hopes to end Greek economic misery

By the balls: Tsakalotos ‘phallus-like’ signature hopes to end Greek economic misery
Yanis Varoufakis’s decision to resign as the Greek Finance Minister caught most of the economic world by surprise. However, his replacement, Euclid Tsakalotos, might just become a household name, but not because of his economic policies.

Tsakalotos signature has caused much amusement as he signed a document to try and proved Greece with some debt relief… Take a look to get an idea why.

So... This is the signature of our Fin Minister here in #Greece. Tell me how we should feel... #GreeceCrisispic.twitter.com/w6TlsqkaSv

— Iasonas Kantas (@IasonKantas) July 10, 2015

Greek twittersphere is having a field day with the signature of the new FinMin Tsakalotos. Couldn't be more symbolic pic.twitter.com/t4ffOIxtTu

— Akis Apostolopoulos (@AkisApostolop) July 10, 2015

So Euclid Tsakalotos' signature isn't very consistent, and sometimes looks a bit like... ahem. HT @IasonKantaspic.twitter.com/RPKTMkNwwA

— Mike Bird (@Birdyword) July 10, 2015

His alleged signature has an uncanny resemblance to a phallus… The European creditors will now be hoping that Tsakalotos’s pledges are no cock-and-bull story.

Greek FinMin Tsakalotos signs new proposal... not a good omen for what is to come! #Greece#greferendum#GreekCrisispic.twitter.com/QYI5KOGRu3

— Kostas Kallergis (@KallergisK) July 10, 2015

The signature of the Minister of Finance #Tsakalotos, semantic for what awaits #Greece ~~ #Eurogroup#EU#proposalpic.twitter.com/Hfz7SuiAy5

— ☠ GcRap ☠ (@G_c_R_) July 10, 2015